During the run up to this yoga weekend, I found myself confronted by my own situations – and having to face my own levels of non-acceptance. After about a week, it dawned on me, that the familiar journey of a spiritual teacher wanting to share knowledge was in progress. If I intended to share wisdom pertaining to Acceptance- then I would have to walk the journey, so that I could share from my personal experience.

It was interesting and challenging, fun and awful at the same time. Each situation that popped up, was an opportunity to asses my level of acceptance, and either move to towards it – or not! hahaha (we do after all, have free will). I’ve realised over the years that the way I treat myself is how I treat others. And the same love and gentleness, or harsh strictness, is what I would convey during the weekend. I kept bringing myself gently back to loving Acceptance. and from there working on all the different levels and layers of Acceptance – referencing the scriptures and the 14+ years of experience, walking with enlightened Masters, and their wisdom and experience which helped me navigate my own karma.

And then came the weekend retreat.

It was soft and gentle. Punctuated with spontaneous bouts of singing and dancing. They were free. They felt free, and it showed. They were happy. Moving through their own karmas – freely.

I gently challenged them, on the mat and off. Always giving them a choice. And they willingly accepted. I showered them with love, affection and acceptance. And in return, they treated themselves the same way.

I was an honour and a pleasure teaching them… Guiding and facilitating their journey. Because, we are after all – each other’s mirrors.