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Yoga Teacher Training update Jan – Feb 2018

Its been 10 years since I’ve been on the mat as a student, with my teacher Yogi Sri Acharya Krishan Verma. When the situation presented itself, was excited and nervous at the same time. He’s tough and loving at the same time. Predictable in his unpredictableness. Perfectionist and infinitely forgiving. Not to mention he’s got super interesting yogic siddhis (which i can’t share about here.).

200H of yoga -on and off the mat. The whole purpose of the Sri Sri Yoga style of practicing is to give deep rest, through authentic knowledge. Early morning classes starting at around 5:30am, yoga throughout the day, and again an evening session, including sanskrit chanting and a loving Q&A session with him.

We were 23 students from all over Europe. Some seasoned practitioners and teachers themselves. The elders were 59+ a lady from Lithuania, a gentleman from Belarus, and Italian gentleman 56. Their enthusiasm and relentless endurance inspired me, and at many moments made me feel shameful, for my moments of weakness. They encouraged everyone, were light and determined. They were the heros of the course for me.

For myself and my teaching: it was scary being ‘examined’ by Krishanji. And the first time he called me up in front of the class, I trembled and fumbled. [Did i mention that he’s lovingly terrifying?;-) ] He encouraged me. Saying that with my bubbly personality I should keep teaching. “It will bring transformation in so many people’s lives.”

We learnt pretty much the same things that I had done 10 years ago -but this time I was listening with a different perspective. I went deeper into my own knowledge and understanding of Yoga – that union point of body, mind and spirit. The depth. The silence.

So I keep on, keeping on. Though my favourite place is spending time with myself especially on the mat, its a gratifying experience seeing that relief on my student’s faces – knowing that I have made a difference. I look forward to sharing…


7 / 10

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