The first time I wanted to shave my head – I was 18. I was still at home with my folks, with long silky hair. My mum was not at all in favour of my strange notions, and disallowed it.

Many, many years later, on a temple pilgrimage through the south of India – with 2 busloads of Indians, I got to shave my head. I was the only foreigner in the group, and funny enough the only person who shaved their head.

For me, it was a longing, a knowingness and utter desperation – though you see none of that in the broad smile that followed. You see, life had been tough, challenging and I felt- cruel. It was an act for me of giving all that I had to Universe/Divine consciousness. I had nothing more to give.

I remember when my head was being shaved, I was terrified, and so so – finished. As the long long pieces came away from my skull- it was like a weight was taken from me.


I started anew. 🙂