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2009 Retreat at the Catholic Zen Meditation Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

A catholic zen meditation center, on the outskirts of Johannesburg.. This was a surprise in itself, because many church goers don’t know that meditation & yoga and Catholicism (or their christian journey) go hand in hand. The resident catholic priest attended an afternoon session during the retreat, and he had an experience of deep rest. The Zen meditation is a little stricter than our type (i think), in its approach. In stark contrast, my free flow, allowing everything process, that brought the mind to complete dissolution – completely blew him!


I am a confirmed catholic, and this experience, was a beautiful affirmation of my own spiritual journey. Having almost no christian people that i knew of, on a similar path, I was a trailblazer in the jungle of outdated notions and  misconceptions. In later years, I came across many many many beautiful parts of Catholicism that confirmed my own path – including an image of Jesus sitting in lotus posture meditating in the garden of Gethsemane in Goa.

That aside, our retreat was a hit. We had two groups – beginner and advanced, with more than 20 participants. It was a serene experience for me as a teacher. The peace and tranquility that flowed naturally on the last day… was serene. No-one wanted to go home. We stood around chatting and taking funny pics – which is the one pictured here.

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