Yoga is my happy place.

I was so keen to pass on the peace and tranquility that yoga was giving, that we organised this yoga retreat in South Africa.

Participants learnt Ayurvedic, vegetarian cooking, asanas – proper posture, how to go into and come out of an asana, pranyama, and meditation. We spent time in nature, doing yoga on the grass, eating under the shaded bomas (thatch roofed outdoor structures), singing sanskrit songs and chants and watching and learning profound yogic knowledge.

Amongst my students were a physcologist, environmental manager, tailor, engineer & banker. Ages ranged from early 20s to late 60s. Physical fitness level from poor to very fit.

It was the first time, I got to spend an entire weekend with my students, physically, mentally and emotionally guiding them to and through their own boundaries. I got to see that moment, when a knowledge point clicked and they experienced true yoga – that stillness within. The joy that beamed from them – still radiates through this photo.

The picture featured is on the last day – joy and celebration and everyone floated in an ocean of bliss. There was no such thing as instagram, or mobile phones with cameras, in those days. No whatsapp or facetime. We were having fun, and a last minute thought to take a group picture, materialised the only group picture from that weekend.

What a treat for them- and for me.