I spent 2 glorious weeks with Yoga teacher: Acharya Sri Krishan Verma on my second teacher training course, and around 80 other teacher aspirants. We had an average of 4 hours sleep a night, and learnt and experienced the most amazing things.

Full moon yoga, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and of course asana, physiology and anatomy. My favourite part of the class was yoga nidra and meditation. The asanas were a means to an end.

We spent every waking moment, either practicing, discussing, learning or teaching. It was an intense and beautiful process – one that I am eternally grateful for.  So many personal realisations, boundaries acknowledged, and lessons learnt. Laughter and singing punctuated our seva sessions. It was truly heaven on earth.

It was the first time I consciously experienced what it was like to live in a community where everyone had an elevated consciousness. Intuition was the norm – I remember one day so clearly: I had such a strong desire for chocolate. But our campus was away from an stores, and of course the unspoken rule was no junk food. We were on a massive campus ground, that took easily 15 minutes to walk from the dining hall to the yoga practise hall, where I was standing. we were half way through the course. And i really wanted chocolate – as i said it aloud – a fellow student walked up to me, handing me a slab of chocolate. Out of the blue. Totally in sync with some universal field of connectivity. I was flabbergasted. And i relished every bit that delicious slab. I wrote about it in daily report, which Krishanji was read out to the class the next day (much to be shock, embarrassment and amusement). hahahaha.

My sangha sister Bhamini Chouhan and I, celebrating after receiving our certificates.

The comraderie and sangha (moving together) was and still is, so beautiful.