Authentic Yoga Retreats and Holidays

Our goal is to give you complete rest - body, mind and soul. Using ancient wisdom as our guide, we take you on a journey to yourself.  

You experience the peace within yourself.

Authentic Yoga Retreat - a holiday for your soul!

Upcoming Retreat: 13-15 July 2018; Utrecht, Netherlands

Harmony of body, mind and soul

Through movement and stillness, move to a place of acceptance with yourself and the world.

A weekend of Self Care doing yoga, meditation and reflection, being pampered with organic vegetarian meals: scrumptious lunches and 3 course dinners, abundant green spaces and me time.

The theme of this weekend is Acceptance.

  • Learn about steadiness and our approach to being shaken
  • Learn about skill in action - both on and off the mat
  • Study active acceptance in relation to ourselves and ours situations
  • Become better friends with ourselves: the yin and the yang

Group size is small for personal attention. Max approx 15 people.

Transformational Experience

Experience the depth of stillness within yourself, on an all inclusive yoga weekend in the middle of nature. 

A pamper weekend at the beautiful retreat centre of Samaya, enjoying pure vegetarian organic meals, and more than 10 hours of Authentic (Sri Sri ) Yoga.

Every yoga class will contain:

  • Pranayama—breathing techniques
  • Proper warm ups to all the joints and stretching of the main muscles
  • Slow flow asanas
  • Yoga Nidra—The sleep of the yogi
  • Guided meditations
  • Organic vegetarian food

Experience harmony in body, mind & spirit

Yoga   Meditation  Nature 

Experience the depth of silence within yourself on a weekend retreat.

  • 18-20 May 2018, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 13-15 July 2018, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 17-19 August, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 14-16 September, Utrecht, Netherlands

Our approach

We use the most tranquil locations, to provide the best place for an authentic yoga experience.

We take care of all the little details - so that you don't have to.

Individual attention

Classes are small, so you receive individual recommendations and guidance tailored for your individual needs (physical, mental and emotional). Based on our experience of coaching and mentoring, (where needed) we guide you using ancient sutras and philosophies.

Comfortable rooms

We've chosen retreat venues that provide comfort in every aspect. Rooms are comfortable with en-suite bathrooms with showers. Each room looks out onto lush gardens or beautiful nature. Our default is twin room sharing (rooms are spacious), but should you prefer it, single rooms are available at a supplement.

Organic vegetarian food

All meals are prepared according to seasonal produce, harvested in the region. The organic and pure vegetarian meals are delicious and abundant: from the unlimited tea and herbal waters, to the 3 course dinners. Each meal is freshly prepared according to Ayurvedic principles.

Yoga is for 


You can do Yoga

Its a common misconception that yoga is only for the young, healthy or flexible. Yoga can and should be practiced by everybody - tailored to you.

Yoga keeps you healthy, looking & feeling young, with flexibility and strength in body and mind.

Learn how to find your own balance

Sthirum Suhkam Asanam

Life is filled with ups and downs, busy periods and downtime - the art and practise of yoga is learning how to find your own equanimity. During a retreat we go look at and address the root causes of imbalance, and move towards a state of balance.

Yog karmasu kaushalam

We teach you how to navigate life's waterways using skill. You will learn various techniques, and get tools to help you on this journey... ancient wisdom packaged in a modern jacket.

Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah

During our classes we settle, slow down and stop the movement in the mind and body. This brings deep rest to all levels of our existence.

We teach you how to find


Client reviews

Hear what our clients have to say...

Christelle’s yoga class is deep, energising but restorative at the same time. She’s got a profound understanding of true Yoga which makes it possible for me to go deep within me. I thought I knew yoga before I came to her class, her advise on the postures is simply right which allows me to perfect the practise every time and immerse deeply into myself. I love she cares about every single student of her! Namaste.

- Nico, Argentina

Christelle’s class not only showed me the yoga asanas but also helped me center myself.

- Anne, England

From movement to stillness

- Caspar, Netherlands

Christelle’s yoga class was very pleasurable, soft, caring and fun. She paid a lot of attention to me, my postures and comfort in those postures. And the relaxation at the end was just the cherry on the cake. So wonderful! I felt just great after the class.

- Clarence, Belgium

I can say "Do not miss This Opportunity, of Yoga practise with Christelle" , but the intellect will say 'Later' 🙁 . I had limited movement with my arms, and her gentle patience, and nurturing nature, gave me the confidence, that with awareness and simplicity, I can heal this body. The only problem is the side effects, as I am now healthier, Joy Full, with more centredness in activity. Loving Life.

Divesh - South Africa


Authentic Yoga: Directly from the Ancient Vedic Texts

Get to know the elements of traditional Hatha Yoga, straight from the yogic texts. 

Yogic Theory - on and off the mat

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